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Helping ambitious entrepreneurs overcome burnout, achieve laser focus, and gain the killer confidence it takes to dominate their space with my 1-1 Coaching Program.



Do you often experience any of the following?

• Overwhelm and Exhaustion

• Lack of Focus and Energy

• Perfectionist Standards

• Fear of Failure and Losing It All

• Imposter Syndrome and Self-Sabotage

If the answer to the above question is "YES" then my 90 Days To Decision Coaching Program may be a great fit for you.


As entrepreneurs we wear many hats, and it's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of new trends, listening to different experts, managing our daily tasks, and thoughts, in addition to many other things in life.

It can definitely feel overwhelming.

The “hustle” and “grind” mentality is very prominent in the entrepreneurial world.

And what ends up happening is we feel that the busier we are, the more productive we are.

The reality is that working hard without a focus is the fastest way to entering the Overwhelm Express Train heading to a destination called Burnout.

Personally I've been there, and so have many of my clients.

That’s why I’ve created my customized 90 Days To Decision 1 on 1 Coaching Program, to help like-minded entrepreneurs elevate and dominate their space with laser focus!

90 Days To Decision Program

With my unique coaching style you will learn the tools you need to succeed, and build the mental strength required for you to win consistently with confidence.

If you're looking to achieve results, and crush the excuses holding you back from your limitless potential then you're at the right place. This program consists of 2 core principles outlined below with proven methods that work to help you find clarity in what you need to maximize your efforts, and to attain top level results.

The W.A.Y (Who Are You) Principle

"Become the BEST version of YOU."

In the first half of the program we focus on the core values of becoming Unapologetically Authentic and Dedicated. The tools provided allow you to:

  • Crush Limiting Beliefs
  • Fully Understand What's Holding You Back
  • Control Fear and Own Your Power
  • Boost Self-Esteem and Attain Killer Confidence

The M.Y.L (Mind Your Limits) Principle

"Mindset in action is everything."

The second half of the program is focused on the core value of Fierce, and continues to reinforce combining our thoughts with action in order to achieve desired results.

We work together to:

  • Manage Distractions
  • Maintain Clarity and Laser Focus
  • Achieve Results VS. Excuses
  • Leverage Failures As Fuel For Future Successes

Why this program works?

I invested years in personal development, and with my combined skillset of studies, life experiences and being coached by top mentors, I've created customized programs to give you the tools you need so YOU can achieve what you want in life.

Also, in addition to getting personalized one on one coaching with me, the 90 Days To Decision Program consists of weekly challenges allowing you to apply what you learn, so you can start building momentum right away.

Our actions create our results, so to all the ambitious entrepreneurs out there: if you have a burning desire to step up your game, there is no better time to start than right now.

It's time to elevate your game with a limitless mindset!

Book a call to connect with me, and see if we can work together.


What Others Are Saying ...

"Even after a decade of personal development, Lydia's coaching allowed me to identify and break through limiting beliefs that I didn't realize I held. Her passion for helping women to own their full power comes through in her coaching style. The process that she uses gently helps you to unearth behaviours that are unconsciously holding you back, and her weekly challenges are designed to get you to think in ways that empower you. I highly recommend Lydia!"

- Dr. Cindy Cork (Juneau, AK)

"Lydia knows exactly what to do to bring out your most powerful mindset. She gives you tools to ensure that you perform at your best! But most of all Lydia believes in you! She believed in me and changed my life!! I will be forever grateful!!"

- Jill Wright (Elizabeth, CO)

"Lydia takes time to get to know you, your strengths and your areas of opportunity. Her real world solutions, exercises and unique conversational approach are extremely helpful and would benefit any high-achiever who is seeking continued growth.

Her optimism, energy, honesty and passion comes through in every conversation with the goal of getting YOU to achieve more. Lydia’s personal approach is fueled by an internal fire that is contagious and which you will certainly benefit from.

I would certainly recommend Lydia if you are interested in getting to the next level!"

- Dan Vaughn (Williamsville, NY)

"Lydia's high-energy presence and no-nonsense approach have helped me create clarity for both my personal as my business life. She is straightforward and provides clear and raw feedback.

I truly enjoy working with Lydia and would recommend her to any high-achiever that is looking to break through the barriers that are holding them back from reaching their next level.

She delivers every single time."

- Severine Naessens (Cancun, MX-QR)

"I like Lydia's no BS approach. I knew from the beginning I had to pull up my sleeves and get down and dirty. I usually am afraid of this kind of approach but I needed the firmness if I wanted to see a change in me. I found Lydia to be relatable, very knowledgeable, and professional. I can see and appreciate the effort put into her 90 Days To Decision program, and I loved it! I feel stronger emotionally, I feel more in control. That is huge for me!"

- Chantelle Dhindsa (Vancouver, BC)

"Working with Lydia is amazing. You will be challenged in a good way. The work you put in will pay off. I got more than what I was expecting. I learned who I am, and how to focus on those traits. I learned some techniques that I can carry with me to do.

I also learned to appreciate me more. I love, love, love being in her presence, and how she held me accountable. She is there to guide you step by step. After working with Lydia, my daughter could see a change. This is huge because she sees how working with a coach can make an impact."

- Sri Mahabir (Houston, TX)

"I am writing this testimonial with sincere and heartfelt gratitude to the Limitless Coach, Lydia Lukic. Working with Lydia since February of 2021, I truly discovered who I was, exceeding my expectations and opening my mind to be limitless.

Lydia guided this process with her amazing skillset, encouragement, knowledge and experience. She helped me open my awareness to be limitless by building on momentum. Her exercises she uses in coaching had me step into my power and owning it. It made me live in the moment, in the now, to take action. I have gained more clarity and confidence along the way. My massage and coaching practice is more defined as to who I serve. Even my clients noticed I am more laser focused in my business, which made me far more effective and decisive having this fearless and limitless mindset.

I really have become the best version of me. Since working with Lydia, I feel empowered to tap into my limitless potential and greatness with laser focus. I am very grateful for this and looking forward to powerful progression moving forward in the now, defeating procrastination, and taking positive action."

- Eric Volkin (Boston, MA)

"It all starts with YOU, and the decisions you make. Our actions in the present create our future desired outcomes."

Having a vision, goals and ideas is important, however, mindset in action is everything! Our thoughts create our actions, and our actions create our results.

But I remember when I was starting out, I read many books, had different mentors, yet often I felt overwhelmed, lacking consistent focus and action to maintain self-discipline.

As a driven go-getter working in the corporate world, I executed successfully in my professional career, but something was missing for me.

On the outside I looked happy, yet often I self-sabotaged, and allowed my feelings of overwhelm, and fear to paralyze me from achieving my highest level of success.

You see, I experienced two life changing events that shook my world, and they both happened at the same time.

I lost my 12 year corporate career due to company restructure, and went through a divorce. I felt lost, confused, angry, drained of my energy, completely burned out, feeling like a failure.

Knowing that I didn't have all the answers, I continued working on my personal development.

By investing in myself, and working with top coaches like Tim Grover, trainer of Michael Jordan, Kobe and many iconic athletes, I recognized the importance of mindset in action.

In addition, I discovered my passion for entrepreneurship.

These realizations empowered me to further evolve, and to start my online coaching business.

Through my self-discovery I recognized that we all have a limitless mindset, and once we learn to master our mind, there is no room for overthinking, fear or doubt - it’s all action, lessons and results along the way!

I chose to start making decisions vs. overthinking.

I put in consistent action building my own path and momentum for success, and the results were fascinating!

The more consistent I was, the more discipline I created, and as a result of this commitment to myself, phenomenal opportunities came my way as if I were a success magnet!

In less than a year, I managed to work with multiple phenomenal mentors, I started my own business, and co-authored an international bestselling book.

This was the very moment I realized the power of the limitless mindset, and that we all possess it!

Today, known as the Limitless Mindset Coach, I help ambitious entrepreneurs manage overwhelm and burnout to gain laser focus, and the killer confidence it takes to dominate their space in my 90 Days To Decision 1-1 Program.⁣⁣⁣

So to all my driven entrepreneurs out there: If you have a burning desire to step up your game, there is no better time to start than right now. I help you elevate, and dominate your space with a success mindset — book a free call with me, and let's talk. 

It's time to own your greatness, and achieve your highest level of success.

If you’re up for the challenge, click the button below!


The Limitless Mindset - 3 Core Values


I am a strong believer that we are all unique, and in order for us to perform at our highest potential, understanding who we are is a key foundational step.

I teach, the W.A.Y (Who Are You) Principle for you to:

  • Show Up As Your Authentic Self
  • Own Your Superpowers
  • Gain Killer Confidence
  • Attract Phenomenal Opportunities With Your Magnetic Presence

Your only competition is yourself, and that’s what I focus on, it’s all about YOU. I help you to uncover any blind spots holding you back from your greatness.


Nowadays, more than ever, we face many distractions as entrepreneurs, and it’s easy to lose sight of what we want, and what needs to get done to achieve our goals.

And once there is clarity, a vision is born, and that’s where I step in as your Limitless Mindset Coach, empowering you with the tools to:

  • Gain Clarity and Laser Focus
  • Stay Accountable To Yourself
  • Make Decisions With Confidence
  • Be The Best Version Of You
  • Lead By Example With Your Actions


Mindset in action is key, and in order to see our vision come to life, laser focus, and continuous action is required. This momentum is fuelled by the power within us.

I teach the M.Y.L (Mind Your Limits) Principle to help you gain the understanding of:

  • Consistent Action With Laser Focus
  • Resilience and Persistence
  • Utilizing The Power Within
  • Leveraging Failures As Fuel For Future Successes

The momentum never stops, and the game is always on. After all, if you are not in control of your life, who is?


Lydia Lukic

My name is Lydia, also known as the Limitless Mindset Coach, but what does that really mean? Well, it means that with all my experience I’ve learned that we all possess a limitless mindset, and now, I empower my clients to leverage their limitless potential to achieve success in life.

With over 12 years of leadership and coaching experience, I specialize in personal development, and driving strong performance. I am the founder of my online business, LIMITLESS With Lydia™, and a co-author of an international bestselling book "1 Habit For Entrepreneurial Success."

I help ambitious entrepreneurs manage overwhelm and burnout to gain laser focus, and the killer confidence it takes to dominate their space, in my 90 Days To Decision 1 on 1 Coaching Program.

“There are no limits, only the ones we create. Everything you need is within YOU.”

Schedule a free 1-1 strategy call to learn more about how I can help.