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The Ultimate Path to Killer Confidence

From Good to Great: Unleash Killer Confidence and Laser Focus for Success

Calling all ambitious female entrepreneurs and professionals ...

Say goodbye to holding back and hello to unstoppable success with 'The Ultimate Path to Killer Confidence' program.

Get ready to land that promotion, grow your business, attract your ideal partner, and enhance your relationship with yourself, and others.

Tailored for ambitious women like you, this 6-module program offers practical strategies and hands-on challenges for immediate results.

Inside this LIFETIME ACCESS you will learn how to break through barriers, unlock new opportunities, and become the unstoppable force you're meant to be!

Imagine leading with confidence, daily clarity, and unwavering focus. Create a lasting impact and leave a legacy for generations to come.

When you are magnetic, and unapologetically authentic — the possibilities are limitless.

Instant access to 6 pre-recorded modules, and any future LIVE calls or workshops for this specific program.

Join now to attract success, impact, and abundance in your personal and professional life.

Ready to take the next step?


$444 USD (Pay In Full)


Elevate Your Brilliance

Transform Your Future with Elevate Your Brilliance: a 1-Year Hybrid Program.

In a culture obsessed with 'overnight successes,' it's easy to abandon our goals. Instant results and gratification have become the norm. Yet, the most extraordinary achievements take time, consistency, and refinement.

Immerse yourself in a 1-Year Hybrid Program with pre-recorded modules and LIVE calls, tailored for ambitious female entrepreneurs and professionals.

In addition to the modules and LIVE calls with me, you also get access to ALL of my paid programs, including current and future masterclasses:

  • The Ultimate Path to Killer Confidence (Value $997)
  • Become Magnetic Mini Course to boost online presence (Value $47)
  • Bonus never seen before Mindset Mastery trainings (Value $1,997)
  • Elevate Your Brilliance 1 year program (Value $ 10,000)
  • Empower Your Femme Power: Be Unapologetically Authentic Masterclass (Value $111)

AND the best part is, you will also get any additional paid programs in the future included free of charge as a valued member of the EYB 1 year program.

Everything that is included is a TOTAL VALUE of over $13,000.

Maybe I am crazy to do this, but I am feeling generous. It's literally a no brainer offer, if you truly desire to step up your game, and achieve your next level in personal and professional growth.

This transformative experience reignites your spark, sharpens your focus, and helps you live boldly without limits.

Ready to supercharge your growth and unlock unparalleled success without burnout or fear?

Become Magnetic

This pre-recorded mini video training is the ultimate guide to powerful camera confidence, and a must for all female entrepreneurs and professionals looking to ignite their online presence!

Nowadays, with more and more technology advancements, many great connections are forged online, and that is exactly why magnetic presence is the key to attracting abundance, and more opportunities that propel your professional success.

Learn how to forge impactful connections, leave a lasting impression in virtual settings, and attract more phenomenal opportunities your way!

$27 USD

Private Mentorship

Ambitious female entrepreneurs and professionals, are you ready to rewrite your narrative and claim the extraordinary life you've always envisioned?

Welcome to 'Fuel Your Power: Sharpen Focus and Skyrocket Your Success In 90 Days' – my exclusive one-on-one coaching program meticulously crafted to ignite profound transformation in just 90 days.

Picture this: each week, our LIVE calls offer not just guidance, but unwavering support and laser-focused accountability driving your limitless evolution.

But here's the magic: alongside our calls, I'll arm you with custom challenges. These challenges are your secret tools, designed to stretch your boundaries, shatter limiting beliefs, and propel you towards unparalleled success.

When our 90-day journey concludes, you won't just be unstoppable – you'll be a walking testament to authenticity and resilience. This isn't just coaching; it's a game-changer – a journey empowering you to succeed on your own terms.

The time for action is now. Say yes to your dreams, and together, let's transform them into reality. Apply below to kickstart your journey towards unstoppable success and living boldly without limits.


Results Matter. Check Out These Success Stories.

"I highly recommend Lydia's programs."

"Since I completed Lydia's programs, my friend and co-worker noticed a change in me. She said “You changed for the better, who are you?!" She could totally tell my confidence is off the roof.

I am talking differently, my outlook is different, so YAY, progress!"

- Kim Tatsch

"I gained more clarity and was able to achieve my goals faster."

"Lydia taught me the methods to stop self-sabotaging myself, stop over-thinking and gain emotional stability. She is a person who can simplify the issues very quickly.

After working with her I am performing on stage with much better focus and freedom.

If you do all the challenges of her program consistently, you will see the results very quickly."

- Karolina Tomaszewska

"Lydia knows exactly what to do to bring out your most powerful mindset."

"She gives you tools to ensure that you perform at your best! But most of all Lydia believes in you!

She believed in me and changed my life!! I will be forever grateful!!"

- Jill Wright


Hello! I'm Lydia, the visionary force behind Limitless with Lydia™, an online coaching business empowering high-achieving women.

As a certified Life Coach, author, and personal development mentor, I specialize in helping ambitious female entrepreneurs and professionals transform fear into fuel and boldly live a limitless life.

My journey began in 2018 after a layoff and a divorce. Despite being ambitious and hardworking, I struggled with boundaries and fear, leading to burnout and self-doubt. This pivotal moment drove me to self-reflect and evolve, uncovering my inner strength and embracing a bold, limitless life.

Now, I’m on a mission to empower women worldwide. Through my signature Limitless Tigress™ method, I help women shed limitations, step into unwavering confidence, and achieve greatness. I offer personalized coaching tailored to individual needs, including one-on-one guidance, group sessions, and self-paced programs.

Imagine yourself overcoming challenges and emerging as a powerful, confident force in both your personal and professional life. The obstacles you face are stepping stones to unparalleled success.

Embrace your brilliance, seize the journey, and turn your dreams into reality with Limitless with Lydia™.


... More Success Stories ...

"Even after a decade of personal development, Lydia's coaching allowed me to identify and break through limiting beliefs that I didn't realize I held.

Her passion for helping women to own their full power comes through in her coaching style. The process that she uses gently helps you to unearth behaviours that are unconsciously holding you back, and her weekly challenges are designed to get you to think in ways that empower you.

I highly recommend Lydia!"

- Dr. Cindy Cork

"Lydia's private 1 on 1 mentorship program was effective in assisting me with overcoming my burnout. Lydia provided me with various strategies to manage life's challenges and discover who I really am.

Each session fostered a specific and memorable experience. Lydia facilitated consistent guidance towards the evolution of my identity and I am forever indebted to her for these invaluable sessions that led to exceptional results!"

- Shannon Kelly

"Lydia knows exactly what to do to bring out your most powerful mindset.

She gives you tools to ensure that you perform at your best! But most of all Lydia believes in you!

She believed in me and changed my life!! I will be forever grateful!!"

- Jill Wright

"Lydia's high-energy presence and no-nonsense approach have helped me create clarity for both my personal as my business life. She is straightforward and provides clear and raw feedback.

I truly enjoy working with Lydia and would recommend her to any high-achiever that is looking to break through the barriers that are holding them back from reaching their next level.

She delivers every single time."

- Severine Naessens

"Working with Lydia is amazing. You will be challenged in a good way. The work you put in will pay off. I got more than what I was expecting. I learned who I am, and how to focus on those traits. I learned some techniques that I can carry with me to do.

I also learned to appreciate me more. I love, love, love being in her presence, and how she held me accountable. She is there to guide you step by step. After working with Lydia, my daughter could see a change. This is huge because she sees how working with a coach can make an impact."

- Sri Mahabir

"I like Lydia's no BS approach. I knew from the beginning I had to pull up my sleeves and get down and dirty. I usually am afraid of this kind of approach but I needed the firmness if I wanted to see a change in me.

I found Lydia to be relatable, very knowledgeable, and professional. I can see and appreciate the effort put into her one on one 90 day program, and I loved it!

I feel stronger emotionally, I feel more in control. That is huge for me!"

- Chantelle Dhindsa

"Lydia taught me the methods to stop self-sabotaging myself, stop over-thinking and gain emotional stability. She is a person who can simplify the issues very quickly.

After working with her I am performing on stage with much better focus and freedom.

If you do all the challenges of her program consistently, you will see the results very quickly."

- Karolina Tomaszewska

" I highly recommend Lydia as a coach. Lydia's knowledge and caring and passion for coaching is like no other. She helps put the action steps in place for everyone to succeed. She helps women find the Tigris inside of them. I know that’s what her coaching has done for me."

- Lisa Volkin

"Lydia takes time to get to know you, your strengths and your areas of opportunity. Her real world solutions, exercises and unique conversational approach are extremely helpful and would benefit any high-achiever who is seeking continued growth.

Her optimism, energy, honesty and passion comes through in every conversation with the goal of getting YOU to achieve more. Lydia’s personal approach is fueled by an internal fire that is contagious and which you will certainly benefit from.

I would certainly recommend Lydia if you are interested in getting to the next level!"

- Dan Vaughn

"I am writing this testimonial with sincere and heartfelt gratitude to the Limitless Coach, Lydia. Working with Lydia since February of 2021, I truly discovered who I was, exceeding my expectations and opening my mind to be limitless.

Lydia guided this process with her amazing skillset, encouragement, knowledge and experience. She helped me open my awareness to be limitless by building on momentum. Her exercises she uses in coaching had me step into my power and owning it. It made me live in the moment, in the now, to take action.

I have gained more clarity and confidence along the way. My massage and coaching practice is more defined as to who I serve. Even my clients noticed I am more laser focused in my business, which made me far more effective and decisive having this fearless and limitless mindset. I really have become the best version of me.

Since working with Lydia, I feel empowered to tap into my limitless potential and greatness with laser focus. I am very grateful for this and looking forward to powerful progression moving forward in the now, defeating procrastination, and taking positive action."

- Eric Volkin

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