Who Am I & Why Work With Me?

Hello, my name is Lydia Lukic a.k.a The Limitless Mindset Coach

With over 12 years of leadership and coaching experience, becoming a certified Life Coach and being mentored by top coaches like Tim Grover (trainer of Michael Jordan and many iconic athletes) I specialize in personal development, and driving strong performance.

I am the founder of my online coaching business, LIMITLESS With Lydia™, and a co-author of a bestselling book "1 Habit For Entrepreneurial Success."

My signature Limitless Tigress™ method helps high-achieving women master their mental game to achieve top level results. It's equipped with tools that help you hack your mindset, so you can dominate your space.

Mindset hacks, mantras and exercises to help you work smarter—not harder.

Let's get you ready for your future by building a limitless mindset that empowers you to elevate your winner's game.

“There are no limits, only the ones we create. Everything you need is within YOU.”


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